2012 San Antonio Seminar, "Challenges to Classical Liberalism"

L-R: Gary Merrett, Zeljka Buturovic, Josh Temin, Jake Roundtree, Chris Opperman, Kate Bermingham, Rajiv Shah, Sam Bowman, Prof. Friedman

L-R (facing camera): Gary Merrett, Zach Cacares, Kyle O'Donnell, Prof. Friedman

L-R: Sam Bowman, Rajiv Shah, Kate Bermingham, Chris Opperman, Jake Roundtree


2011 San Antonio Seminar, "Challenges to Classical Liberalism"

Wladimir Kraus, Clark Durant, Simon Kaye, Jeffrey Friedman, Paul Gunn, Tom Wisemiller, Michael Weintraub, Gary Merrett, Allison Kasic, Jonathan Catalan, Jake Roundtree, François Godard




Richard Cornuelle (1927-2011) Click here for information about Dick, the first president of the Critical Review Foundation.


2009 San Antonio Seminar, "Challenges to Classical Liberalism"

Matt Machaj, Dain Fitzgerald, Justin Shubow, Ryan Berg, Micha Ghertner, Guinevere Nell, Slavisa Tasic, Gary Merrett, Bogdan Enache, Kai Jaeger, Isak Sky, Jeffrey Friedman, Chris Wisniewski.







2008 Boston Conference on Political Ignorance and Dogmatism

On August 31, 2008, at the conclusion of the American Political Science Association convention in Boston, the Critical Review Foundation held its first-ever scholarly conference, at which Professors of Political Science John Bullock (seminar of 1999), Samuel DeCanio (1998), Tom Hoffman (1995), Michael Murakami (2001), Mark Pennington (1996), Ilya Somin (1997), and Nick Weller (2003) explored the implications of public ignorance with Profs. Scott Althaus (Political Science, U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), David Barash (Psychology, U. of Washington), Bryan Caplan (Economics, George Mason U.), Arthur Lupia (Political Science, U. of Michigan), George E. Marcus (Political Science, Williams Coll.), David R. Mayhew (Political Science, Yale), Russell Muirhead (Political Science, U. of Texas, Austin), Paul J. Quirk (Political Science, U. of British Columbia), Charles S. Taber (Political Science, Stony Brook U.), and Nassim Nicholas Taleb (author of The Black Swan). This was the first time all the CR seminar "alumni" who have become political scientists were brought together in one place to discuss their ideas with eminent scholars in political science and other fields, and according to the unanimous consensus of the participants, it was one of the few scholarly events they had attended where real dialogue, learning, and new thinking occurred.


Profs. Mark Pennington, University of London (seminar of 1996); Russell Muirhead; Jeffrey Friedman; and Tom Hoffman, Spring Hill College (seminar of 1995).



Profs. Michael Murakami, Georgetown University (seminar of 2001); and Samuel DeCanio, Yale University (seminar of 1998).

Profs. Paul Quirk; John Bullock, Yale University (seminar of 1999); and Scott Althaus.

Prof. Ilya Somin, U. of Pennsylvania Law School (seminar of 1997); Prof. Bryan Caplan; Rep. Dan Greenberg (VP, Critical Review Fdtn.); Brian Pitt (U. of Delaware). In center background, Bogdan Enache, Romania; Prof. Tom Hoffman.

Prof. Michael Murakami, Yale University (seminar of 2001) and Jeffrey Friedman.

Prof. Nick Weller, USC (seminar of 2003); Prof. David Mayhew.


Todd Seavey (seminar of 2001), Dan Greenberg, Jeffrey Friedman, Prof. Samuel DeCanio (1998), Shterna Friedman (Managing Editor, Critical Review ), Prof. Tom Hoffman (1995), Prof. Mark Pennington (1996), and Nigel Ashford (Institute for Humane Studies) at the first-ever Critical Review Alumni Assn. reunion, held in Boston after the CR Conference.

Brian Pitt (U. of Delaware), Dain Fitzgerald (San Jose State), Prof. Ilya Somin (seminar of 1997).


2005 Critical Review Seminar


2004 Critical Review Seminar


2003 Critical Review Seminar